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I am a nonchalant kind of person.
Be good to me and i'll be good to u.
Be fake,just get lost.
I love Psychotic people like YOU!.


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2010 last posting

Hello there...Yes this blog has been dump like almost ages....or in fact about 7 mths..but then again...i dont wish to leave it hanging in the air...and people no longer read this piece of journal that i ones keep it alive with full of hope....

2010 brings me to a year that is full of ups and down....i passed out of the Police Academy which brings me to become a full-pledge Police Officer for at least 1year 10mths...and then im back to reality..till then 7 more mths to ORD....

2010 also brings friendships to greater heights..Yes.there were misunderstanding and misjudged of friendships but now i really know who are the ones who always stood by my side and never left and the ones who are "all talk of being loyal and stuff..''but when told to prove a point..simply walk away without any actions...and enough is enough..i shall not bother anymore....its not worth a cent...nevertheless thanks for being for of my journey in life...

Not forgetting before the closer of 2010,i was reunited with my Primary School mates...yes..the peeps from cbps/dqps.....its been 10 years since i last saw each and everyone of them...some are already married with kids..gosh..and i cant remember most of them initially but thanks to fb that we manage to pull the re-union together..and i cant wait for the next re-union..this time round more peeps will come to grace the event...

Anyway my 2011 New Year Resolutions

1)To keep fit and pass my gonna train up...starting from today...
2)To be back at IMH,as a nurse...and hopefully enjoy the things that i do there..
3)Lastly to provide a better financial income for my family and keep the family together..i promise to be a good son..and hopefully get a life partner...

2011....Please be good to me...

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PEOPLE...i have move to Tumblr....follow me

However...i wont be closing this blog...will update when the time is right..c ya!

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Boring last afternoon

My mind is kinda in a mess right now..i told myself never ever bring work at home but in fact it actually seriously i kinda hate my job short serving this stupid shit that every Singaporean guys have to do....However a friend said to me...Fuck-care..its not even my rice bowl and you never choose to come here in d first place....i'l try to believe in that..

I felt my usual low self esteem today...( should be like most of the time)....i felt overshadow by a friend who is definately stronger then handling crisis....i panic...i dont dare to explore.......nor do i have the ability to think fast...and today i made a senior to loss its record of..."traced"..if you guys know what that means...but then again....why super on????my responsible for that....and i hate when people gave me the look of like..."you again"....actually what do you expect..different people have different ways of learning or just a junior after all.....which makes me think that i cant wait for the next intake to ORD...dont get me wrong....any intake is the next to go means im one step closer to which im already serve 6 months of i wanna countdown to ORD????not yet for sure....its still a long way to go..or il be slowing now on this fucking journey...or i should say battle....!!!!!! thinking of changing my reaching my two years aniversary of using this Blogspot....why does it called "strawberrynirvana"?read my past post and you may have the people read my blog????

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